Appointment availability:
Appointments are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, between 8am and 7pm. Appointments are made on the hour or half-hour. A standard consultation is 55 minutes.

Making an appointment:
To request an initial appointment please call 0435 534 993 or send an email to with your contact number and name. You can also leave a message on the secure voice mail box

Bettina will then discuss with you the kind of support you are looking for. This initial contact phone call will take about 10 minutes.

What to expect in the initial consultation:
The aim of the initial consultation is to clarify the nature of your difficulties and your support needs. This may also involve completing some questionnaires. Bettina will also discuss with you your goals for therapy and your expectation for attending therapy at Heart & Mind Clinical Psychology.

Child Therapy
If you are seeking support for your child, an initial consultation will be held with both parents or guardians, if both parents/guardians are involved in parenting the child. Depending on the nature of the difficulties, Bettina will suggest observation of your child at school, and an individual appointment with the child, as well as for the parents to complete questionnaires. Following this Bettina will provide feedback and recommendations for a treatment plan to the parents/guardians.

Child therapy will always require the involvement of the parents to practise strategies and skills taught in the session with their child between sessions. Regular parent sessions are also an integral part of child therapy to ensure fastest progress and optimal outcomes.

Diagnostic assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder
A diagnostic assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder consists of the following:
– an initial parent interview
– an observation of the child at preschool, kindie or school
– an individual session with the child
– a standardised developmental interview with the parent(s)
– a standardised observational assessment of the child
– a written report
– a feedback session with the parents.